Maize Mill Project

Maize Mill Project

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  • Title of the Project : Nyagatare Maize Mill Project
  • Implementing Organization : Umbrella for vulnerable
  • Duration of Project : 3 Months
  • Date of Completion : October 2010
  • Donor organization : Muslimehelfen e.v Germany


Project work and achievements:

Executive Summary

Brief Description of the Project:

The project targeted the 50 women of Nyagatare in the Eastern province of Rwanda who gathered in the Cooperative called “Nyagatare Vision Cooperative”, These women are farmers and they grow maize, this project came to empower them in terms of transforming their production and increasing their revenues.



  • To put in place an income generation project.
  • Self reliance on Nyagatare Vision Cooperative



  • Empowerment through providing means of resources.
  • Empowerment through employment of women
  • Creating a class of women entrepreneurs
  • Creating employment opportunities among women

Date of Start : May 2010

Duration : 3 Months

Activity Undertaken

  • Purchase of land for the cooperative
  • Building a hall and fences for the cooperative
  • Purchase of maize mill machines and accessories for the cooperative
  • Implanting the machines to the site.

Beneficiaries / Users:

  • Vulnerable women from Nyagatare Vision Cooperative.
  • Local population of Nyagatare


  • 50 women from Nyagatare Vision Cooperative are self employed.
  • Nyagatare Vision Cooperative members can solve their daily problems and use the income from the project to feed the needy in the hospital of Nyagatare.
  • The whole population of Nyagatare benefit from maize mill machines as long as they use them for their production. (Before there was shortage of maize mill machines)


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