About Us

About Us

Umbrella for Vulnerable is the NGO established in the meeting of 5 October 2009 following that there was no any Muslim non- governmental organization cared for vulnerable people. The board of trustees was put in place and chaired by Sheikh Saleh Habimana.

The objects of the Umbrella for Vulnerable are:

  • To improve the life standards for vulnerable especially the needy.
  • To give the needy a home.
  • To create a safe, loving and nurturing environment for the needy.
  • To give them a healthy diet and a good education e.g. medical insurance scheme, school fees etc.
  • To finance micro projects for the needy.

Since the end of genocide and war of 1994, poverty, HIV/AIDS and other diseases are still claiming lives and remain as the challenges for our vulnerable people in Rwanda.

The NGO “Umbrella for vulnerable” expects to have a holistic approach to meeting the needs of vulnerable people , these include meeting the basic needs of people, supporting the development of vulnerable people in different projects targeting poverty reduction such as education, income generating activities, skills trainings and building capacity.

Up to now, the organization is in strong partnership with the international organization called “Muslimehelfen e.v” from Germany chaired by Sheikh Ahmed Von Denffer which is the principal donor of “Umbrella for Vulnerable” , and our organization can take this opportunity to thank a lot Sheikh Ahmed Von Denffer for his great supports from day one of the founding of our organization without forgetting the Chairman Sheikh Saleh HABIMANA and the projects Manager, Mr. Nsanzintwali Ayoub.